Southern Style Cheese Straws

Crunchy, crispy, cheesy goodness that is best discovered with beer in hand $4

Fried Pork Skins

Golden fried pork skins seasoned to perfection served with our signature hot sauce $5


Our burgers are ground fresh daily using premium cuts of Angus Beef and griddled to perfection. Served on a toasted Holeman and Finch bun with a side of fries and choice of one house-made sauce.

Ocmulgee Burger

All beef patty topped with Wisconsin cheddar, crunchy lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, house pickle, red onions and Ocmulgee Ketchup $9

Blaze of Glory

All beef patty topped with fresh pico de gallo,*pepper jack cheese, a fried egg, pickled jalapeños
and garlic mayonnaise. $9.5


Bison patty topped with aged swiss cheese, creamy pepper coleslaw, house pickles, and smokey barbecue sauce $13

River Creature

Lobster patty topped with grilled red onions, smoked gouda, arcadian lettuce and our signature pub sauce $15

Smokey Appleation

All beef patty topped with Wisconsin cheddar, smoked bacon, grilled apple slices, house-made beer mustard and red onions $10


All beef patty topped with blue cheese crumbles, fried pork skins, grilled red onions, and peppercorn gravy $9.5

Green Gobbler

All turkey patty topped with smoked gouda, grilled red onions, avocado and house-made beer mustard $9.5

Veggie Trail

All veggie, gluten-free patty topped with vine- ripened tomatoes, swiss cheese, chipotle mayonnaise and an arcadian lettuce blend $9


Build It

The Meats*

Our signature beef blend, turkey, or veggie burger served with a side of fries and one house-made sauce $8 (Bison or lobster burger for $4 more)

Free Toppings

Crunchy Lettuce | Vine-Ripened Tomato | Red Onions Pickle | All House-Made Sauces

$1 Toppings

Roasted Garlic | Coleslaw | Grilled Apple Slices Jalapeños | Grilled Red Onions | Fried Egg Pork Skins | Cheddar | Pepper Jack | Swiss Cheese Asiago Cheese Crisps

$2 Toppings

Avocado | Smoked Gouda | Goat Cheese | Blue Cheese Smoked Bacon | Candied Bacon | Pico de Gallo


Brewhouse Salad

Arcadian lettuce blend with vine-ripened tomatoes, red onion, shredded asiago cheese and your choice of dressing $6

Summer Salad

Arcadian lettuce topped with raspberry citrus vinaigrette dressing, candied pecans, dried cranberries and crumbled feta cheese $6.5

Superfood Salad

Arcadian lettuce blend topped with tricolor quinoa, edamame succotash, vine-ripened tomatoes, red onion and vidalia onion dressing $7

Hail Caesar Salad

Roma crunch lettuce wedges topped with Caesar dressing and baked asiago cheese crisps $6.5

Add a beef, turkey or veggie patty for $5 or bison or lobster for $8*

*Our neighborhood health inspector wants you to know – consumption of raw or undercooked foods such as meat, fish and eggs, which may contain harmful bacteria, may cause illness or death


Hand-Cut Fries

Hand-cut fries with choice of two of our signature house-made sauces
Small $3 Large $6

Truffle Fries

Hand-cut fries tossed in parmesan cheese and white truffle oil served with white truffle aioli
Small $4 Large $7

House-Made Signature Sauces

Ocmulgee Ketchup | Truffle Aioli | Blue Cheese Sauce Peppercorn Gravy | Chipotle Mayonnaise | Hot Sauce House-Made Beer Mustard | Smokey Barbecue Garlic Mayo | Honey Mustard | Pub Sauce
Additional Sauces $.50

Little Brewers


All beef patty topped with cheddar cheese and Ocmulgee Ketchup served with a side of fries $6

Grilled Cheese

Melted cheddar and swiss cheese sandwich served with a side of fries $4


Root Beer or Stout Float

Main Root root beer or Ocmulgee Brewpub stout over creamy vanilla ice-cream $3/$5


Mexicane Cola | Diet Mexicane Cola | Lemon Lime | Professor Cane | Black Cherry | Root Beer | Orange | Lemonade – $2
Sweet Tea | Unsweet Tea – $2

Main Root soda is sweetened with fair trade certified organic evaporated cane juice, is non-GMO and contains no high fructose corn syrup.