Fried Pork Skins $5

Onion Rings $6

Fried Green Tomatoes $6

Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds $8

Pimento Cheese and Chicken Salad Sampler $5 *Contains nuts

Boneless Chicken Wings $10

Fried Jalapeños $4


Brewhouse Salad

Arcadian lettuce blend with vine-ripened tomatoes, red onion, shredded asiago cheese and your choice of dressing $6.5

Summer Salad

Arcadian lettuce topped with raspberry citrus vinaigrette dressing, candied pecans, dried cranberries and crumbled feta cheese $7.5

Superfood Salad

Arcadian lettuce blend topped with tricolor quinoa, edamame succotash, vine-ripened tomatoes, red onion and vidalia onion dressing $7

Hail Caesar Salad

Roma crunch lettuce wedges topped with Caesar dressing and baked asiago cheese crisps $6.5

Add a beef, turkey or veggie patty for $6 or Bentley Farms beef, bison  or lobster for $10*

*Our neighborhood health inspector wants you to know – consumption of raw or undercooked foods such as meat, fish and eggs, which may contain harmful bacteria, may cause illness or death


Our burgers are ground fresh daily using premium cuts of Angus Beef and griddled to perfection. Served on a toasted Holeman and Finch bun with a side of fries and choice of one house-made sauce.

Ocmulgee Burger

beef, Wisconsin cheddar, crunchy lettuce, wine-ripened tomato, house pickle, red onions, Ocmulgee ketchup $10


beef, pepper jack cheese, fried green tomato, bacon, crunchy lettuce, balsamic onion remoulade $12.5

Smokey Appleation Burger

beef, Wisconsin cheddar, smoked bacon, grilled apple slices, red onions, house-made beer mustard, or smokey barbecue sauce $11

Blaze of Glory

beef, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, fried egg, pickled jalapeños, signature pub sauce $11

Holy Peyote

beef, portobello mushrooms, grilled onions, swiss cheese, truffle aioli $10.5

Bleu Ridge

bleu cheese stuffed beef, crunchy lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, smoked bacon, bleu cheese sauce $12


bison, swiss cheese, tangy coleslaw, house pickles, smokey barbecue sauce $14

Bentley Burger

locally raised Bentley Farms beef, smoked gouda, onion ring, bacon aioli $14

Green Gobbler

turkey, smoked gouda, dried cranberries, grilled red onions, arcadian lettuce, house-made beer mustard $9.5

River Creature

crab and lobster, grilled red onions, smoked gouda, arcadian lettuce, signature pub sauce $14

Veggie Trail

black bean, broccoli, and portabello mushroom patty, swiss cheese, vine- ripened tomato, red onion, arcadian lettuce, chipotle mayonnaise $9.5

Clucker Club

fried or grilled chicken, pepper jack cheese, smoked bacon, crunchy lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, honey mustard or hot sauce and ranch dressing $9.5

Hot Chicken

fried chicken, creamy coleslaw, pickles, hot ghost-pepper sauce $11


smoked bacon, crunchy lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, ranch $6.5

Chicken Salad

house-made chicken salad, crunchy lettuce, vine-ripened tomato $8.5

Pimento Cheese

pimento cheese, crunchy lettuce, vine-ripened tomato $6

Build It

The Meats*

Our signature beef blend, turkey, chicken or veggie burger served with a side of fries and one house-made sauce $9 (Bison, locally sourced beef or lobster burger for $4 more)

Free Toppings

Crunchy Lettuce | Vine-Ripened Tomato | Red Onions  | Pickle | All House-Made Sauces

$1 Toppings

Gluten Free Bun | Coleslaw | Grilled Apple Slices  | Jalapeños | Grilled Red Onions | Fried Cage-Free Egg  | Pork Skins | Cheddar | Pepper Jack | Swiss Cheese  | Asiago Cheese Crisps  | Onion Ring

$2 Toppings

Smoked Gouda | Bleu Cheese | Pimento Cheese  | Smoked Bacon | Pico de Gallo


Hand-Cut Fries

Hand-cut fries with choice of two of our signature house-made sauces
Small $3.5 Large $6

Truffle Fries

Hand-cut fries tossed in parmesan cheese and white truffle oil served with white truffle aioli
Small $4.5 Large $7.5

Blue Buffalo Fries

Hand-cut fries topped with buffalo sauce, ranch dressing and bleu cheese crumbles
Large $7.5

Sweet Potato Fries

Signature sweet potato fries served with your choice of one of our house-made sauces
Small $5 Large $8.5


House-Made Signature Sauces

Ocmulgee Ketchup | Truffle Aioli | Blue Cheese Sauce | Jalapeño Ranch | Chipotle Mayonnaise | Buffalo Sauce | House-Made Beer Mustard | Smokey Barbecue | Honey Mustard | Pub Sauce
Additional Sauces $.50

Little Brewers


All beef patty cooked well done topped with cheddar cheese and Ocmulgee Ketchup served with a side of fries $6.5

Grilled Cheese

Melted cheddar and swiss cheese sandwich served with a side of fries $4.5


Root Beer or Stout Float

Main Root root beer or Ocmulgee Brewpub stout over creamy vanilla ice-cream $3.5/$6


Mexicane Cola | Diet Mexicane Cola | Lemon Lime | Professor Cane | Black Cherry | Root Beer | Orange | Lemonade – $2.5
Sweet Tea | Unsweet Tea – $2.5

Main Root soda is sweetened with fair trade certified organic evaporated cane juice, is non-GMO and contains no high fructose corn syrup.